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The hope behind Life Loving 365

Posted November 16, 2023

by Mikayela Smith

What is the Story Behind Life Loving 365?

Kaelin DeNeui is a student at Palm Beach Atlantic University who lives her life as a beacon of hope, joy and light to the world with her self-made business Life Loving 365.

DeNeui said the inspiration for her business ignited in her life in 2017 during high school, after her sister was hospitalized following her struggle with suicidal thoughts.

While her sister was staying in the hospital, DeNeui said the Lord gave her a picture of a butterfly as a symbol of hope that her sister would turn into a beautiful butterfly.

DeNeui said hope shone through her sketch of a girl with caterpillars crawling around her neck, a cocoon worn as an earring and butterflies flying out of her mind. A quote on the side read, “It’s all about the process, you’ll be okay.”

Photo by Hudson Hatfield for Life Loving 365

“I made that and thought I not only want to make this for my sister, I want to make this for everyone in the hospital,” DeNeui said. “So I started making all these shirts and I remember running around to different rooms in the hospital and giving them to the patients.”

People were in shock because they didn’t expect the comfort in their darkest hour to come from a ninth grader with t-shirts and a prayer, DeNeui said.

“The power of life and death really is in the tongue,” DeNeui said.

From there, DeNeui said she turned her butterfly shirt idea into a business she called Life Loving 365 – “Helping everyone love life.”

She said she produced more t-shirts, pieces of jewelry and handbags with a portion of profits going towards depression and suicide prevention across the U.S.

DeNeui also owns a yellow Volkswagen bus that she said she picked up in California with her father. Together they drove it across America down to West Palm Beach, Florida, where DeNeui turned this vehicle into a pop-up shop.

Photo Credits by Hudson Hatfield for Life Loving 365

DeNeui said the bus provides ways for her to stop and pray for people at gas stations, which she calls “divine appointments,” and take road trips where she can visit other hospitals and sell t-shirts to patients.

In the summer of 2023, DeNeui said she drove through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, among other states. She set up pop-up shops outside her van while selling about 150 shirts per day.

When buyers purchase a shirt, DeNeui said she gifts a second shirt to hospital patients.

Life Loving 365 has now evolved and expanded, DeNeui said. While part of the profit still goes towards depression and suicide prevention, another portion of the profits goes towards aiding people in crisis all over the world.

When DeNeui became a student at Palm Beach Atlantic University, she said God called her to provide hope for people struggling in poverty-stricken environments, natural disaster situations and horrific war zone areas. She traveled to Zambia and spent her days interacting with children.

“Growing up in America, I didn’t realize children aren’t able to always go to school,” DeNeui said. “We take for granted so many things that we are given in America. I was shocked and humbled.

When DeNeui arrived home from her trip, she said she made “love hats,” partnering with an organization in Zambia that provided education and scholarships for people in specific villages. DeNeui also sold shirts and other items to raise profits that provided supplies for people affected by the Maui wildfires and Hurricane Ian.

Stories of Impact in Ukraine

When DeNeui learned about the tragic war in Ukraine, she said she wanted to go help Ukrainians in crisis. The Lord provided ways for her to make it across the border to Ukraine during the war twice within the past two years.

Before her second visit, DeNeui said she met a former member of the Ukrainian parliament who gifted her with a truck and a team for her to go. On her five-hour journey across the border from Poland into Ukraine, DeNeui and her fiancé, Hudson Hatfield, shared the gospel with women and children on the train.

DeNeui said she found people were in such desperate, hopeless places from seeing constant bombings, home destruction and family losses, that they were more open and quick to receive the good news of Jesus’s salvation. During the rest of DeNeui’s second visit to Ukraine, she encountered many bomb warnings and had to hide in bomb shelters.

“As I was going down the stairs to the bomb shelter, I could feel the bombs dropping, and I could feel the stairs shaking,” DeNeui said. “I remember thinking that I could die at that moment, and then the Lord reminded me of Philippians 1:21, which is the verse He showed me when serving overseas was first placed on my heart.”

DeNeui said she was driven by a “taking up your cross” mentality when she was on the mission field.

“For me, to live is Christ, to die is gain. And I thought, you know what, it’s all worth it for Jesus,” DeNeui said.

Photo by Hudson Hatfield for Life Loving 365

Experiencing the bombing first-hand, DeNeui said she became even more intentional with the people she met.

She said she and her team drove 13 hours across the country in a truck filled with medical supplies and groceries to Orikhiv.

Orikhiv is within shelling. DeNeui said this meant she had to be cautious the entire time she was there, wearing a bulletproof vest for safety. She also worked as a psychologist at a medical aid center called DEMA in Zaporizhizhia.

Additionally, she said she shared the gospel with kids in the villages and surprised them with toys.

While DeNeui was working as a counselor at DEMA, she said she met a woman named Livia. Every bone in Livia’s body had been broken after a bomb hit her home. DeNeui shared the gospel with Livia while telling her that only Christ could fully resonate with her suffering.

Livia repented and prayed that she could receive Jesus’s ultimate gift, DeNeui said.

“I remember looking up from the prayer and I almost felt like I was talking to a different person because her eyes were completely calm and for the first time I saw her smile,” DeNeui said.

DeNeui concluded from her two visits to Ukraine that it was not just physical aid she was providing for people in need, but emotional and spiritual aid.

“As much as I love donating and giving, there’s nothing like looking a human being in the eyes when they feel forgotten, unseen and targeted and saying, ‘Jesus loves you, He sees you, and He died for you,’” DeNeui said. “He doesn’t just want to give you bread, but the Bread of Life for all eternity.”

Future goals for Life Loving 365

DeNeui said her future goal is to step into the mission field once more with her soon-to-be husband, Hudson, sharing the gospel and aiding all parts of the world in crisis.

Locally, she said she still wants to hold pop-up shops with her yellow bus.

DeNeui said her long-term goal is to build a school in a specific part of the world suffering from poverty. She plans to have her Life Loving 365 business set up nearby where she can teach men and women how to create designs, so they can receive not only a proper education but also an income. Ultimately, Kaelin wants to continue helping people suffering from all types of crises, sharing the love of Christ wherever she is given the opportunity.


“Life is so short. I think we live in this thought process of ‘Oh someone else will do it,’ DeNeui said. “But the reality is you can be the one to change the world for the better.”

DeNeui said she wanted her friends, followers and consumers to be proactive.

“You be the person who lets the Holy Spirit flow through you to impact the world for the better,” DeNeui said. “Whatever is in your heart, whatever injustice you see in the world right now, whatever is keeping you up at night, come up with a solution, do it and put it into place.

DeNeui paves the way for people to join her in her missional pursuits through her story and her business. She uses her voice to ignite inspiration in individuals so that they can make a difference.

“My thesis is to live a life surrendered to God,” DeNeui said.

If you would like to give towards depression and suicide prevention or help provide for people in crisis around the world, you can donate to Life Loving 365 by checking out the Life Loving 365 website. You can also follow along with DeNeui’s story on her Instagram page, @lifeloving365.