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The Hub: Friday, January 26, 2024

Posted January 26, 2024

Welcome to our top story findings of the week, on today’s issue of The Hub.

1. RESHAPING THE CHURCH: “100,000 Young People 'Ring in 2024 with Revival'” by Talia Wise

    Photo by Chad Kirchoff for Pexels

    This article from CBN, titled “100,000 Young People 'Ring in 2024 with Revival,’” celebrates the vibrant faith of young adults throughout the nation. “Tens of thousands of young people display an unwavering devotion to Jesus, packing out churches, auditoriums, and stadiums across the country to worship His Name,” Wise writes. While these massive events serve to highlight some ways Christians gather to praise the Lord, authentic worship can be large and small, grand and ordinary.

    2. EDITORIAL: “How (and How Not) to Memorize Scripture” by Andrew M. Davis

    Photo by Tara Winstead for Pexels

    This article from Crossway, titled “How (and How Not) to Memorize Scripture,” encourages Christians to continue the necessary and renewing exercise of memorizing Scripture and make a daily dedication to the Lord. “The enemy of memorization is giving up,” Davis writes. The process can be difficult for many, but Davis shares tips on how one might improve their practice habits.

    3. RESHAPING THE CHURCH: “4 Encouragements For Christians This Election Cycle” by Dale Chamberlain

    Photo by Element5 Digital for Pexels

    This article from Crossway, titled “4 Encouragements For Christians This Election Cycle,” reminds believers of the sovereignty of God in the midst of political division. When faced with contrary beliefs, Christians must remember Christ’s commandment to love one’s neighbor. For further considerations on this topic, listen to The Yellow Balloons Podcast “How do I navigate politics now that I’m a Christian?

    Although every Hub article is selected to foster discussion about modern church structure, not every idea and opinion expressed in the linked articles may fully align with the views and mission of Koinesúnē Magazine. All the same, we seek to uplift and celebrate the different ministries working around the globe.

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