Reshaping the Church

Leading women to discover God’s love and make disciples

Posted October 30, 2023

by Chloe Warren

All In Ministries is changing lives on a global scale. They plant seeds in the hearts of women around the globe who have no other way to learn about Jesus. They change hearts, lives and families — and start by changing women.

Before their international journey, however, they began with the women’s ministry of Chets Creek Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Susan Freese, founder and director of All In Ministries, had been a Christian almost her entire life.

“I can’t remember a time that I didn’t love Jesus,” Freese said in our interview.

Freese recalled not receiving discipleship during high school, which prolonged her “baby Christian” stage. During this time, she pursued a corporate career and poured time and resources into business. Freese’s life changed when she heard God speak.

Freese recognized a need for women’s ministry in her church, so she took her concerns to the pastor. After weeks of church leadership praying about the decision to begin a new ministry, they agreed, and Freese was put in charge of creating a revitalized women’s group for the church.

At this point in her life, Freese set aside her career after a long period of prayer revealed that stepping away from her job was God’s will for her life. From there, she began to form All In Ministries.

Photo by All In Ministries

The next step on Freese’s journey toward All In Ministries was a church mission trip. She realized a need she had never known existed — women are forgotten, silenced and abused worldwide. These barriers prevent them from receiving Christian discipleship.

Freese said she took this burden to the Lord, and upon returning home, she once again told her pastor about what she saw. The church supported her on another international trip.

Three weeks before the trip, Freese received a call asking her to speak at a two-day women’s conference. Freese said although conferences usually take more than three weeks to plan, God immediately gave her the exact message she wanted to share.

The two-day conference was incredible, Freese said. The women were hungry for more. Through this conference, All In Ministries was born.

Photo by All In Ministries

“Women are marginalized by limited education or cultural restrictions,” Freese said in an introductory video for All In Ministries. “Few people are investing in women, and this is a massive problem.”

Freese said something special happens when you give women a chance to be discipled.

“I came to learn that when you invest in a woman, when you give her that value and identity, and purpose in the power of the Holy Spirit, for the glory of God alone, it not only changes her life but the lives of those around her,” Freese said.

When you begin with women, they take their faith to their families and communities, Freese said.

Photo by All In Ministries

Working internationally comes with challenges. For one, there are cultural differences. Sometimes, these cultural differences create obstacles for sharing the gospel.

In some places, Freese said, cultural standards restrict women from being taught, so Freese and her team teach their sons and provide books. In turn, the sons can share what they learn with their mothers.

As a ministry dedicated to overcoming the obstacles between international women and the gospel, Freese works with her team to bring the word of God to women all over the globe.

Photo by All In Ministries

All In Ministries partners with churches around the world. Local missionaries and churches are the main contact source for All In Ministries to minister to women. These churches provide continued discipleship and families who can look out for the safety of the abused.

All In seeks to minister through these godly women in order to form a sisterhood — bringing community to women who have been alienated from anything like it.

Freese said in cases where women are in danger because of their faith, there are often godly women and families in the churches who can provide safety.

Photo by All In Ministries

Susan said in a video she does not want to bring American ideals to the table; instead, she wants to teach women Biblical principles.

One way All In Ministries teaches the gospel across cultures is by using their hand as a “memory” tool.

Freese points to her thumb and says because it is separate from the rest of the fingers it represents time alone with God or a quiet time. The pointer finger represents the first most important thing: studying the Bible. Finally, the middle finger as the tallest one represents our connection to God.

This method is just one way All In Ministries seeks intentionality with immersing women in the gospel.

Photo by All In Ministries

1 Corinthians 9:16 says, “For when I preach the gospel, I cannot boast, since I am compelled to preach. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!”

As Christians, we have a duty to share the gospel, it is part of our calling. Although we may not be aware of it today, all around the globe, people forget and marginalize women –- but the Lord does not forget them.

Through All In Ministries, Christians are joining together to bring these women into the family of Christ by showing them their value and worth. In turn, they can share newfound comfort with their friends and family.

Freese's story began with obedience and leaving behind her comfort zone. Her obedience to the Lord led to the founding of an incredibly impactful ministry that opens the door for other churches to jump in and help.

All In Ministries International provides opportunities and resources for churches to get involved and partner with the Lord in restoring the gospel to women everywhere. Some of these resources include online discipleship courses and workshop resources. For more information and mission opportunities click here to visit the website.