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The Hub: Friday, Aug. 25

Posted August 25, 2023

by Lexie Ludlam

Welcome to our top story findings of the week on today’s issue of The Hub.

1. LESSONS LEARNED: “Leaving room for good news” by Charles Christian

Photo by Jon Tyson for Unsplash

This News-Press Now article, titled, "Leaving room for good news" highlights how we should remember goodness amidst the turmoils of reality. This attitude does not mean we should ignore “harsh realities,” and it is a “healthy” practice to recognize the current state of the world. Instead, we should just remember to “take a moment, breathe and think about the good things in life.”

2. BIG QUESTIONS: “Post-pandemic global evangelism, The Power of One, a renewed focus” by RNS Press

Photo by Dorrell Tibbs for Unsplash

This Religion News article, titled "Post-pandemic global evangelism, The Power of One, a renewed focus,"”highlights the big question: how do we evangelize to all in such a big world? The answer: “One person at a time.” Dr. Billy Wilson emphasized that this “power of one” is the exact method that Jesus used and a clear, effective method. 

3. SPOTLIGHT: “Why contemporary Christian station KTIS is the Twin Cities’ most popular radio station for several months running” by Adam Platt

Photo by Eric Nopanen for Unsplash

This MinnPost article, titled "Why contemporary Christian station KTIS in the Twin Cities' most popular radio station for several months running," highlights a Christian radio station’s success in Kansas City. KTIS is known for its contemporary Christian music and has been the “most popular radio station in the Twin Cities for several months running.” Their goal is to make “Christian radio more fun” for all.

Although every Hub article is selected to foster discussion about modern church structure, not every idea and opinion expressed in the linked articles may fully align with the views and mission of Koinesúnē Magazine. All the same, we seek to uplift and celebrate the different ministries working around the globe.

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