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The Hub: Friday, Aug. 4

Posted August 04, 2023

by Lexie Ludlam

Welcome to our top story findings of the week, on today’s issue of The Hub.

1. BEYOND CHURCH: “'Sound of Freedom' Reveals Rising Power of Jesus in Hollywood” by Paul Bond

Photo by Vincentas Liskausk for Unsplash

This News Week article, titled “'Sound of Freedom' Reveals Rising Power of Jesus in Hollywood,” highlights the rising success of Christian content in mainstream media. With shows like “The Chosen” and movies like “Sound of Freedom” gaining steady fanbases, different production companies are seeing the value of this content and creating “faith-based studios.” What is clear throughout the making of all of this content is “there’s a deep hunger for spiritually significant stories rooted in eternal questions of life and death.”

2. BIG QUESTIONS: “Relating to both Jesus and Christ” by Father Ronald Rolheiser

Photo by Jametlene Reskp for Unsplash

This Angelus News article, titled “Relating to both Jesus and Christ,” reflects on how to think of Jesus as man and as Christ. Rolheiser frames it as “Jesus as the person and the mystery.” In both senses, we have much to learn from Him and much to love about Him.

3. LESSONS LEARNED: “Serving immigrants is part of advocating for religious liberty, Cano says” by Jeff Brumley

Photo by Kerwin Elias for Unsplash

This Baptist News Global article, titled “Serving immigrants is part of advocating for religious liberty, Cano says,” highlights how the Church must react to and serve immigrants. Anyra Cano says, “Those dedicated to religious freedom should remember that serving the needs of immigrants is part of that struggle.” As Christians, Cano reminds us, we “should not have to think about who we can serve or how we can serve based on their immigration status.”

Although every Hub article is selected to foster discussion about modern church structure, not every idea and opinion expressed in the linked articles may fully align with the views and mission of Koinesúnē Magazine. All the same, we seek to uplift and celebrate the different ministries working around the globe.

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