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The Hub: Friday, December 15, 2023

Posted December 15, 2023

by Lexie Ludlam

1. SPOTLIGHT: “Daddy Yankee Tells Fans to ‘Follow Jesus Christ’ at Final Concert” by Micael Torres

Photo by Austin Neill for Unsplash (photo description: a performer sings into a microphone while smoke and lights surround him)

This Christianity Today article, titled “Daddy Yankee Tells Fans to ‘Follow Jesus Christ’ at Final Concert,” highlights a popular musician’s transition to faith. Daddy Yankee announced his retirement from his popular music career in pursuit of his faith. At his final performance in Puerto Rico, he said, “Follow Jesus Christ, for he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

2. LESSONS LEARNED: “Offer Them Christ” by Rob Renfroe

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan for Unsplash

This Good News article, titled “Offer Them Christ,” highlights the importance of a relationship with God and Jesus. Rob Renfroe emphasizes the importance of “always coming back to Jesus” and to “offer them Christ” in sermons and beyond. To him, speaking of “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” all the time is a great honor.

3. BEYOND CHURCH: “Review: Ambitious 'The Shift' poses big questions about God's sovereignty, human suffering” by Ian M. Giatti
Photo by Denise Jans for Unsplash

This Christian Post article, titled “Review: Ambitious 'The Shift' poses big questions about God's sovereignty, human suffering,” reviews an out-of-this-world Christian film. Directed by Brock Heasley, “The Shift” brings the viewer into a dystopian world inspired by the book of Job. Reviewer Ian M. Giatti believes the film succeeds in its ability to “point viewers away from themselves and toward the truth of the Scriptures.”

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