Reshaping the Church

The Mosaic Initiative

Posted December 27, 2023

by Jacob Wolfer

The Mosaic Initiative

Jacob Wolfer (with some alterations by the editorial team)

The Mosaic Initiative and Its Leaders

Daniel Hartman and other members of the Mosaic Initiative have served their community in northern Chicago for 15 years. In doing so, they have built an authentic Christian organization built around uplifting communities.

It all began when Hartman felt called by God to leave his career as a biomedical engineer and enroll in seminary, where he learned to “love God and love others.” After 2007, he and several other community leaders from Deerfield to north Chicago, where the Mosaic Initiative took off.

Photo by Mosaic Initiative

God And Community

As Hartman describes, the beauty of the Mosaic Initiative is it is genuinely built by God. It happened organically and was something rather unique.

Several community leaders came together to build this organization up. Instead of focusing on a single church, these community leaders realized they could accomplish far more by forming a network of twelve churches for the greater good of the community.

Realizing their strength in the community, members saw themselves as shepherds of Waukegan, their north Chicago community. This language shifted the individual aspect of churches and instead made the body of Christ their community.

The language of this initiative was so attractive to young people because it was a movement that did not revolve around a building or secluded space, Hartman said. Instead, it revolved around people actively working as one to be the body of Christ.

In creating a united cohort, the Initiative has worked with non-profit organizations and opened a community center called the “Mosaic Hub,” which functions around prayer and formulating meaningful relationships with other people.

Photo by Mosaic Initiative

Influence On The Youth

The initiative has built an “intergenerational community,” Hartman said, bridging the gap between the old and the young that propels the Gospel forward. Although nothing is perfect, this community is centered around the conviction of the body of Christ that is embodied through their love of Christ.

The Mosaic Initiative also provides a scholarship fund for young individuals. The scholarship goes to historically underrepresented students at Trinity, Hartman said. It helps young men and women receive education and go on to serve God.

The Development of Leadership

The primary goal of the Mosaic Initiative is to “See God Glorified and to see the fullness of his Kingdom Come,” Hartman said.

The Mosaic Initiative emphasizes the best way to make that happen is to develop community leaders.

In addition to the nonprofit organizations and Trinity, the Mosaic Initiative helps build leadership. They have also renovated an old public library called the “Kingdom Center.”

The Mosaic Initiative wanted to renew this space where fellowship was previously practiced and bring it back to the liveliness it once had.

Since the library's renovation, the Kingdom Center has been a place of extensive collaboration with Trinity Christian College as well as local churches, local schools and community leaders. What makes this location special is that the library was not built to be a church or a place of worship but a place of study.

However, the library is no longer used as a place to store books. The Mosaic House Ministries revamped it to create a place of profound love where God's glory is carried out.

A New Take on Church

Hartman also discussed God outside of the church. “There’s a lot of people that come here that never go to a church,” Hartman said.

Although they may not physically attend a church building, they tend to feel comfortable in this unique type of environment. He describes activities such as cooking and Lego robotics. These activities, although not connected to religion in any way, help build relationships.

Hartman and his fellow community leaders have realized the Church is more than a singular building or place of worship. Moreover, we can be the Church by loving one another. Once one has given their lives to Christ, they can live out the gospel mission and become more involved in their community.

Photo by Mosiac initiative

The Mosaic and the Body of Christ

Since the start of the Mosaic Initiative, its members have done everything to live out the Gospel. What started years ago with Daniel Hartman wanting to give back to his community has turned into a growing organization that revolves around community outreach.

The Mosaic Initiative is one that revolves around the fellowship of community, prayer, love for one another, and profound love of God. Their work serves as a reminder for Christians to go out into their community and profess their faith through deep and meaningful relationships.