Reshaping the Church

Transformation through the word

Posted December 12, 2023

by Shelby LaPorte

Photo by Bible League International

In 1938, Chicago businessman Bill Chapman felt called to see the Bible read in every American home. He founded Bible League and 85 years later, the organization has served over 50 countries. Bible League provides under-resourced churches around the world with Bibles and trained leaders who will support the growth of these local churches.

Rob Bullock has served as the Executive Vice President of Advancement for five years. He leads the Bible League’s communications, fundraising, donor services, church relations and ministry teams in the United States.

“We seek to see lives transformed by the power of God’s Word,” Bullock wrote in an email interview.

Photo by Bible League International

Training and Resources

Bible League provides several kinds of training. Primarily, the organization trains Bible study leaders so they can equip Christians to lead evangelistic and discipleship studies. This program is their largest, training almost 175,000 people in the last year.

Bible League also provides training for church planters so that pastors and other church planters can start and grow churches. On top of this, the organization also provides Bible-based literacy teacher training. Through this training, volunteers are equipped to teach others how to read and write using the Bible.

Bible League provides all of the necessary resources and materials needed for their training. The organization supplies Bibles, Bible study booklets, church planting curriculum, literacy curriculum, audio Bibles and teacher guides.

“We believe the most powerful tool for driving transformation is God’s Word itself,” Bullock wrote.

All of the studies Bible League holds for their children, youth and adults are straight from Scripture, using easy-to-understand translations. The model for their mission is the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian in Acts 8.

“When the Ethiopian, or new student of God’s Word, asks ‘How can I understand without someone to show me?’, we want to see someone there to be Phillip or a trained Bible study leader,” Bullock wrote.

Photo by Bible League International


Bible League often focuses its outreach on rural villages or under-sourced urban areas in developing world countries. The organization also targets immigrant and refugee communities in the US.

“Our goal is to serve in places where few other resources are available,” Bullock wrote.

Bible League works closely with Prison Fellowship International, whose mission is to restore hope and share God’s redeeming grace with prisoners and their families, according to their website.

“We’ve seen God work transformation in many of these places,” Bullock wrote.

Bible League also has children’s programs which have experienced an increased demand at public schools in countries like South Africa, Kenya and Indonesia, Bullock said.

Thkozani Tshabala, a pastor who ministers in Gauteng Province, South Africa, said he ministers to ten primary schools and three high schools, teaching the children about God so that they might bring change to the community.

“When you reach the school, you’ve reached the community. Children are [the] future of the community,” Tshabalala said. “If you want to change the community, you must start with the kids.”

Photo by Rob Bullock for Bible League International

The Pandemic and Transformation

“We have seen a growing hunger among all kinds of people to know what is in God’s Word,” Bullock wrote.

Bullock wrote he believed the pandemic led many people to desire an ultimate truth in their lives. As Christians, we see truth in Scripture, and people around us can see truth working in our lives.

“Where the pandemic brought new fears, and new questions about truth and authority on a global scale, God’s Word offers hope, love and wholeness in Him,” Bullock wrote.

Bible League has seen the urgency to share God’s Word increase widely and they believe this is partly because of the pandemic.

“We are working to double the number of people we can serve each year,” Bullock wrote. “For reference, that number was more than 2.5 million in our just completed fiscal year.”

Bible League is an organization that strives to reach communities all across the globe and bring more people to God so that they all might share in the love and hope that the Bible has to offer. The body of Christ must come together to transform the world with God’s Word by reaching out to communities who may not have access to the Bible and its message.