Our Name

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Koinesúnē, is the combination of the Greek words koinonia (fellowship/community) and dikaiosúnē (righteousness/harmony), which is our exact purpose for this magazine. We act as a hub that explores and discusses church structure and the effectiveness of The Body of Christ.


Our Mission

Telling kingdom stories that celebrate and elevate the authentic pursuit of discipleship, wherever it is found. 

Our Purpose

To fan the flames of the great awakening where Christian organizations realign with the purpose of church, Christ is elevated, more people come to faith and the human spirit grows in service to God and one another.

Accordingly, we will achieve this purpose through four distinct goals:   

1. Be a hub – host the discussion about when, where and how The Body of Christ is functioning well.

2. Equip the body – Elevate and share information about how to establish healthy structures in the Christian community and encourage Christ-adoring character and Jesus-centered culture.

3. Resource traditional churches, micro-churches, small groups, bible studies and any other collection of believers seeking to do mission together toward Kingdom success.

4. Contribute significantly to conversation about what church is and how to be better.


We invite you to join the conversation. Now is the time to consider what we are doing, reinvigorate our passion and fix our intention toward a more Christ-centered life.








Meet The Team

Our team is pleased to bring you stories that are enriching and encouraging!