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The Hub: Friday, April 26, 2024

Posted April 26, 2024

by Abigail Choe

Welcome to our top story findings of the week, on today’s issue of The Hub.

1. RESHAPING THE CHURCH: “Found of Street Shaves, Charity Providing Free Haircuts to Those in Need, Was Inspired by His Faith” by TC Newman

Photo by Antonio Reynoso for Unsplash

This article from the Inside Edition, titled “Founder of Street Shaves, Charity Providing Free Haircuts to Those in Need, Was Inspired by His Faith,” highlights the work of Street Shaves, a California-based charity founded to provide free haircuts to those in need. After working in the field of psychiatry and addiction medicine for over a decade, founder Joshua Masih took it upon himself to “fight that stigma of homelessness and addiction.” The charity started from Masih’s interaction with the Bible passage of Jesus washing His disciples’ feet: “I was inspired by the way Jesus loves others and serves others and calls us to do the same.”

2. RESHAPING THE CHURCH: “Helping Victims of Sex Trafficking” by The Christian Heart

Photo by Roma Kaiuk for Unsplash

This article from The Christian Heart, titled “Helping Victims of Sex Trafficking,” shares the work of Kainos, a non-profit in Stuttgart, Germany. Following the meaning of their name, which means “completely new” in Greek, Kainos aims to help victims of sex trafficking find their freedom and hope for a new life. Their motivations are rooted in 2 Corinthians 5:17, which encourages that anyone belonging to Christ has become a new person. Kainos stated, “We believe this offer of new life is for everyone, and we want to take this message of love and freedom in Christ to some of the darkest places in Germany.”

3. RESHAPING THE CHURCH: “Olympian’s Fire for God Continues to Burn a Century On” by David Goodman

    Photo by Steven Lelham for Unsplash

    This article from Christian Today, titled “Olympian’s Fire for God Continues to Burn a Century On,” continues the legacy of Eric Liddell, a Scottish runner who won Olympic gold at the Paris Games in 1924. Liddell is famously known for his Christian faith and persistence in keeping the Sabbath holy, even in the midst of training. Inspired by his diligent obedience, evangelist J John decided to publish a booklet retelling of the runner’s feat a hundred years later, hoping Liddell’s story will continue to inspire new generations of athletes.

    Although every Hub article is selected to foster discussion about modern church structure, not every idea and opinion expressed in the linked articles may fully align with the views and mission of Koinesúnē Magazine. All the same, we seek to uplift and celebrate the different ministries working around the globe.

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